About Us

Here at Five-0 Coffee Co., we're all about providing premium coffee to your doorstep and premium support to law enforcement!

Like you, I've been appalled at the hate, anger, misinformation, violence, and disrespect directed at our nation's law enforcement recently. You'd think a harrier jet was landing at a rodeo, for how much horse sh*t has been flying around lately! It's been degrading for awhile, but it's definitely taken a turn for the worse.

As a former police officer and SWAT operator myself, it's been gut-wrenching to see what my colleagues, friends, and LEO family as a whole are going through right now. 90% of me wants to administer a Hulk-sized Walker Texas Ranger roundhouse kick straight to the face of those poo-butts spreading such hate and discontent. But...there's 10% of me that knows that nothing good is ever accomplished by returning hate for hate. So, if I listen to that 10%, what should my response be? What should OUR response be?

Like the country song says, "In a world full of hate, be the light".

While wrapping my knuckles for the fight, I've also decided to wrap up my support and deliver it to our heroes in blue, tan, and green and to provide a vehicle for our appreciation and encouragement. I invite you to join me!

Does the world need another coffee company? Nope. But if I can leverage a daily commodity, make it better, and use it to direct funds, support, and encouragement to law enforcement, you can bet your freedom-and-justice-loving-American-flag-saluting-national-anthem-standing-badge-backing ass I'm going to take that challenge!

We may be able to make a huge difference or we may be a drop in the bucket, either way, I take pride in knowing I'm doing what I can. Should you believe in the cause and want to join me in supporting our heroes, I welcome you to the Five-0 Coffee Co family!

It's time. Let's...

Wake Up & Back The Badge!



Five-0 Coffee Co

Former SDPD Officer and SWAT Operator