Frequently Asked Questions

I see that hand up there! Let me see if I can help...

Our Coffee

We use only the best fair trade coffee beans from around the world. After you place an order, it is custom roasted, bagged, and then shipped straight to your doorstep! 

In order to deliver the freshest coffee, we custom roast every single order after it's placed. So, unless we are planning for an event or other large scale "in person" coffee sale, we do not keep packaged coffee on hand. 

Brewing options and preferences are as varied as the people who brew it! That said, we sell whole beans, for those who prefer to grind right before use, and we sell drip ground coffee, for those that prefer to have their coffee ready to brew out of the package. We also sell our darkest blend "Night Watch" in espresso grind, as it makes a great espresso as well!

Our personal brewing preference is one heaping tablespoon for every tick mark on our coffee brewer. Meaning, if you are making 4 cups of coffee (measured on the coffee machine, not an actual measuring cup), then we use 4 tablespoons of ground coffee.

Right now, as we are starting up, we are focusing on providing a core coffee selection as well as a rotating selection of flavored coffees. As we continue to grow, we may also expand our offerings, based on customer input. So, if there is something you'd like to see, let us know!

We will be rotating through different flavor selections throughout the year. Find one you love? Stock up! New one sound good? Give it a try! We promise to not give you any bad ones ;)

If you'd like to see a certain flavor stocked all year, let us know!

One more cup ;) 

Our Company

We exist to provide support, encouragement, and resources to the men and women in law enforcement, and their families, through the sale of premium, custom roasted coffee.

Does the world need another coffee brand? Definitely not. But if we can take a daily commodity, make it better, and leverage it to support those who daily put themselves on the line for our freedom and can bet your freedom-loving-flag-saluting-national-anthem-standing-badge-backing ass we are going to do it!

For us, it has a couple meanings:

"Five-0" has come to be a slang term for Law Enforcement.

It originally started with the show "Hawaii Five-0", which was made around a fictitious "Five-0" police division. Since then it has come to represent all Law Enforcement in general. I remember rolling through the neighborhood hearing, "Five-0! Five-0!", sounding the alert from one poo-butt to the next :)

For us, it also represents our commitment to donate 50%, "Five-0", of our proceeds to help support Law Enforcement personnel and their families!

So sound the call, "Five-0! Five-0!" and let's get to work!

We are committed to donating 50% (a big Five-0!) of our proceeds to organizations, causes, and events that support law enforcement personnel and their families. Have a cause that needs funding? Let us know! 

We will be asking for your help in this! We need you to help be our eyes and ears and help notify us of places where we can help. As we build our online social presence, we hope to have enough exposure and following to be able to move quickly when needed.

Becoming a nonprofit involves a lot of red tape, regulation, and restrictions. Some of these include restrictions on where and when we can give and restrictions on our political involvement. Although we may eventually go this route, we value the nimbleness and freedom that we currently have and will be investing in nonprofits already doing awesome work!

50% of all our proceeds are donated to organizations, causes, and events that support law enforcement personnel and their families.

We define proceeds as the net profit left over between our retail price and our cost of goods (coffee beans or merchandise, roasting or printing, packaging, shipping, taxes, and payment fees). This means the 50% split happens on every single product, before any of our staff get paid, before advertising costs, and before paying any of our other operating costs. This means a portion of every product sold is donated, regardless of whether the company as a whole is profitable or not.

The actual dollar amount donated varies with each blend and product (depending on the specific cost of that good). The actual amount we give each month will vary greatly depending on the amount of actual orders placed. To provide the best custom roasted coffee to your doorstep at a great price, we have accepted low operating margins. We do not make a huge net profit off of each order, but instead, benefit from volume.

What does this all mean? It means the more we sell, the more we can help! It means we need your help to spread the word on our amazing coffee and our shared cause! 

The company is owned and operated by former Law Enforcement and their families! 

Subscription Program

No doubt our lives are busy, so we are doing our best to help out! With our subscription program, you are able to pick which coffees you want and how often you want them delivered, then we take care of the rest. Set it and forget it. We got your coffee covered :)

No cost to join, no fees. Cancel, pause, change shipping dates, swap, add, or edit your coffee selection at anytime 👊

Just pick the "subscription" option from the product page, choose the quanity and delivery interval, and check out as usual. During the checkout process, you will create an account so you can login and make changes any time you like. We handle everything else, including sending you reminder emails of upcoming shipments before we ship them.

Sound super easy? It is :)

Now go pick out your favorite coffees, pick your times, and join the club!

This one is totally up to you!

That said, I suggest having coffee delivered in weekly or bi-weekly shipments. Since shipping is free, it's the same cost to get a month's supply all at once as it is to get a month's worth of coffee delivered each week. We custom roast every order, so the sooner you use the coffee, the fresher it will be!

You can adjust and fine tune the shipments anytime by logging into your account.

**Remember to allow a few extra days buffer between each order, just in case there are delays with the shipping carrier**

You can log in by clicking the "Login" button on our site's main menu, by clicking the link in any of your subscription related emails, or by clicking right here :) 

** Once in your account, scroll to the bottom and click the "Subscriptions" button **


Shipping is FREE for orders within the United States! International shipping rates will be calculated at checkout.

We work hard to try and get your order to your doorstep within a week. Each order is custom roasted, packaged, and will ship out in about 3 days. Then, it's just shipping time to you...which depends on which state of Apocalypse the world is currently in :)


Wait, does that happen?! Just kidding :) We try our hardest to get you the very best coffee, fresh and custom roasted, right to your doorstep. It is our goal for you to love every drop of coffee that comes to you! That said, should something be wrong or amis, we will make it right. 

Do not send your coffee back. It's a perishable good and we can't take it back. Click here to let us know what happened and request a refund :) 

If this happens, it means we screwed up and for that we truly apologize! We try our hardest to get you quality products, so if you have an experience that is not in line with this value, we will make it right!

Click here to get your return process started :)